ISAAC LOPEZ INTEGRATED SCHOOL, one of the nineteen schools in Mandaluyong, is located along Ilino Cruz Street, Vergara, Mandaluyong City. It has a land area of 6 800 square meter that was purchased from Ortigas – Madrigal Estate by the late Isaac Lopez, a former mayor of the city, on November 21, 1934.

On November 21, 1934, the construction of the one-storey building with two classroom started and was completed on February 21, 1935. The building was named Namayan Primary School which housed grades I and II classes. When war broke out, this building was used by the Japanese Army as their headquarters.

After the war, classes resumed and the first sanitary toilet of the school was constructed on August 18, 1949. This was followed by the construction of two additional classrooms for Grades III and IV on February 1951, and July 2, 1951, respectively. A small room along the porch was used as a school clinic. In 1961, the one-storey building of Grade I and II was reconstructed to a two-storey one. Due to increasing population, more rooms were constructed. Namayan Primary School was renamed to Isaac Lopez Elementary School, in honor of the late Mayor Isaac Lopez who was responsible for the establishment of the school.

On June 29, 2004 Republic Act No. 9 300 was signed into law, through the initiative of Congressman Neptali Gonzales II, converting Isaac Lopez Elementary School into an Integrated school. On that same year the first batch of high school students were accepted in the first year level. On April 3, 2008, the first graduation of the high school department was held.

After 84 years of existence, it now has a four-storey Neptali Gonzales building with 48 rooms, and a three-storey new Neptali Gonzales building with 45 rooms. The school has a wide playground that provide sufficient space for the student’s activities.

Looking at ILIS now, great changes can be observed and has been attributed to the untiring efforts, commitment, efficient service and dedication of the school heads and staff who have served and are still serving to make ILIS one of the best learning institutions in the Division of Mandaluyong in every possible way.


1935 – 1973 Mrs. Faustina C. Rodolfo

1974 – 1975 Mr. Romeo F. Zapanta

1975 – 1976 Mrs. Natividad Reyes

1976 – 1980 Mrs. Fe Mariano

1981 – 1983 Mrs. Felicitas Ventura

1983 – 1986 Mrs. Natividad Galang

1986 – 1992 Mrs. Natividad C. Punzal

1992 – 1996 Mr. Jose B. Cruz

1996 – 1997 Mrs. Caridad C. Lucero

1997 – 2000 Ms. Josefina D. Anselmo

2000 – 2008 Mrs. Carmelita S. Peregrino

2008 – 2011 Dr. Juanita P. Valle

2011 – 2013 Mr. Romeo E. Bandal

2013 - 2015 Dr. Manuel A. Laguerta

2015 - 2017 Dr. Corazon R. Regino

2017 - 2018 Mrs. Leonila Q. Masangcay

2018 - Present Mr. Roberto P. Redobante




Contact number: 8-2756831

Email Address: ilis@depedmandaluyong.org

Official FB Page: https://web.facebook.com/ILISofficialpage/